Lifestyle in the Marico Bushveld

Estate Management

Private game reserves are presented with a unique opportunity and a pressing responsibility to play a pivotal role in safeguarding the nation's rich biodiversity – Developer

We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of this land, and as such, we plan to develop only 52 carefully selected stands to ensure an exclusive and unparalleled lifestyle for their owners. Each stand provides not only a piece of this remarkable game farm but also an opportunity to witness wildlife in its natural habitat, all while contributing to the land's maintenance and cost-efficiency. The collective value of the wildlife on the property is estimated at approximately R2 million.

The topography of the terrain ensures that each stand offers a sense of privacy, ample space, and breathtaking panoramic views. Nature's splendor can be fully embraced from every vantage point, and the free-roaming wildlife can be observed right from your own front porch.

This represents a unique opportunity to savor an exclusive lifestyle in the heart of the Swartruggens/Marico Bosveld, on a captivating game farm. Here, every owner enjoys access to the entire game farm for exhilarating game drives and the chance to intimately experience the exquisite bushveld, either from the comfort of a vehicle or on foot.

This private estate is overseen by a trust that is elected by the Weiter Raum property owners. All decisions and new developments within Weiter Raum are subject to approval by the trustees, and this approval process involves a voting procedure. Detailed guidelines for these processes can be found in the documents provided below.

MOI for new owners

Architectural Guidelines

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